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Board of Directors

The make-up of the Economic Alliance Board of Directors consists of:
2 from each of the 5 areas of the county (North County, Central County, South County, Grand Coulee/Nespelem area, and the Methow Valley)
1 representative from the Colville Confederated Tribes
1 representative from Colville Tribal Enterprise Corporation
2 Okanogan County Commissioners representatives
2 City representatives
1 NCW Business Loan Fund representative
1 Okanogan County Tourism Council representative
1 Arts community representative
2 At-large positions


Chris Branch, Chairman

Commissioner Rep. #1

County Commissioner
123 5th St. North
Okanogan, WA

Lael Duncan, 1st Vice Chair

North #1

OK. Community Action Council
424 2nd Ave South
Okanogan, WA 98840

Kurt Dansion, 2nd Vice Chair

City Reps. #1

Highland Associates
PO Box 1431
Okanogan, WA 98840

Anna Marie Dalbey, Secretary

South #2

Caldwell Banker | Brewster Chamber
525 Main Street

Maria Lassila, Treasurer

Tourism Community Rep

Mirage & Omak Theaters
PO Box W
Omak, WA 98841

George Brady, Past Chair

South #1

Cascade Biological Supply
130 Lakeshore Dr
Pateros, WA 9884

Board Members

Michael Porter, At Large #1

Stacy Luckensmeyer, At Large #2

Kristi O’Neill, Central #1

Alan Fisher, Central #2

Jon Culp, City Reps. #2

Jonnie Crossland, Colville Tribal Federal Corp. Rep

Lanie Johns, Commissioner Rep. #2

Mayra Pamatz, Finance Community Rep

Board Members

Amanda Jackson-Mott, Arts Community Rep.

John St. Pierre, Colville Tribe

Ted Piccolo, Nespelem/Coulee Dam #1

Rachelle Haven, Nespelem/Coulee Dam #2

Sally Ranzau, Methow Valley #1

Don Linnertz, Methow Valley #2

Aaron Kester, North #2